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The development of new Butt guides and Belly guides with epoch-making ideas and with strengthened frame makes it possible to place a group of small guides on tip section. More Over it consists of all tangle free guides. It realizes tremendous rod weight reduction and leads to greater rod performance which overwhelms that in eight important features of N-G-C without having major disadvantages derived from small guides.

Greater sensitivity

Lighter guide transfers the vibration well.

The number of guides serves as the transference passes of the vibration. Consequently, lighter guides‘ weight and  more guides on tip section give better sensitivity. Smaller and  lighter guides transfer the vibration of the line well. Guides serves as vibration transmitters from the line. So it is essential to have more, smaller and lighter guides for better sensitivity. Therefore the sensitivity can be increased using titanium frame.


Greater Rod Power

Stronger rod power can be obtained with greater number of guides

In K-R concept the number of guides increased compared to N-G-C. Even with an additional single piece, it increases rod power.

If the quality of guide increased the load is dispersed on all the guides and the loading power per guides will be decreased. Consequently the rod can be casted with heavier load.

The smaller the number of guide is. the greater the distance between line and rod will be when hooking up. Consequently the hooking power will be decreased. On the other hands, if the number of guide is increased appropriately. the line cuddles up to the rod and the hooking motion Will be directly reflected on the rod.

Greater Hooking Power

The greater the number of guide is the better hooking power and hooking speed is.

If the number of guide is less, the rod will be just bending and the power and the speed of hooking up will be decreased.

If the number of guide is increased appropriately, the line cuddles up to the rod and the hooking motion will be directly reflected on the rod.                                 

Hooking Speed can be increased thanks to the light weight of the rod.


Increased weight balance

Better rod balance is obtained when tip guides are lighter.

Even though the number of guides increased, tip-section weight based on K-R concept is lighter than that of N-G-C. it means that the weight moment is smaller in K-R concept and it makes anglers feel the rod lighter as the gravity Center comes closer to the grip.

Greater Casting distance

In K-R concept. greater rod repulsion force is gained with light-weight Tip guides.
This gives greater casting distance to the rod compared with that in N-G-C.

Casting results carried out by a Fuji contracted professional angler

One more point:

In case line flow is not choked at Butt section, line touches every guide with big spiral movement. Consequently, more contacts of line and guides are expected in line flow and it results in causing bigger friction. In KR concepts Butt guides choke the spiral movement of line before flowing into Belly guide(s). Hence, greater casting distance is obtained as line flows with less friction after Choke guides.

Reduced Line Twist

Line twist is reduced with spinning tackle when using more guides.

More guides lessen the angle as line passes through the guide, reducing the volume of line twist when casting and retrieving repeatedly.

Less guides makes greater guide interference when passing through guide. As the result, line Twist Will be accumulated guide by guide.

More guides will lead the line in straighter line and the line passes through guides smoothly Consequently line twisting power is not accumulated when passing through guides.

Increased accuracy

Casting accuracy increases by using smaller ring and lower profile.

Smaller guides with low profile are employed and this makes less torque in rod twist. As a result. straight and stable casting is achieved.