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Part 2 - Review of rod building components

Review of rod building components featuring colour preservers, resins, epoxy, varnish and polymer finish by Chris Ward, Craftsman.

Colour preservers

Threadmaster Chromaseal

  • Needs a lot of stirring – settles in bottle.
  • Like double cream in consistency.
  • Impossible to read instructions.

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Seymo Pro-Rod Sealer

  • Easy read instruction.
  • Do not shake, stir gently.
  • Works well
  • (this is almost identical to U40 CP !!)

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Seymo Quick Pro 3part kit finish

  • Very thick – almost neat PVA
  • Not easy to get even coat
  • Concern may show white on black thread

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2 part Resins. (glue)

RodDancer 15min Cure cycle. Liquid two part resin.

  • Needs measuring spoons to work with accurately.
  • Ability to ‘pour’ into tight areas with spoon/small instrument

Threadmaster 3 products

Ultima Epoxy – Slow cure

  • Equal parts essential.
  • Easy to mix and use

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Ultima Epoxy Gel-15 (15minute cure time)

  • Stinks !!! (smells just like Araldite)
  • Equal parts essential
  • Longterm durability not tested.
  • About 10minute working time

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Ultima Epoxy Gel 5 (5 minute cure time)

  • Equal parts essential.
  • Stinks!! (smells just like Araldite)
  • Easy to mix
  • Less than 3 minutes working time.

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Flexcoat 5min 2part Resin.

  • Equal parts essential
  • Can be syringed into gaps
  • Easy mix/easy use

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