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Part 2 - Reviews of Epoxy 2 part thread finishes

by Chris Ward, Craftsman

All 7 epoxy 2part finishes listed below have been tested in an unheated workshop on an average September/October day. The samples were turned continuously using a Seymo Rod turner/Fly dryer. On average they took 10 to 12 hrs to reach a hard surface, 24hrs later I was comfortable all had fully dried and most had fully cured.

Flexcoat Regular

  • Equal parts essential
  • Easy to use.
  • Often considered Industry standard
  • Tends to ‘yellow’ with age/exposure to light

Flexcoat Lite

  • Equal parts essential
  • Easy to mix/use
  • Great for thin coats or multiple thin coats
  • Tends to ‘yellow’ with age/exposure to light

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Threadmaster Lite

Lite build

  • Still tacky after 12hrs, did not sag overnight fully dry after 24hrs.
  • Easy mix
  • Will spread from applied area. Creeps as it drys/cures.

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  • Equal parts essential
  • Mix can be thick and heavy to use

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U-40 LS Supreme

High build

  • Resin very thick.
  • Risk of air bubbles in measuring tube of syringe.
  • Risk un-equal measurements


  • Still tacky after 10hrs, did not sag overnight, fully dry after 24hrs.
  • Mixes easily
  • Works into threads very easily

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