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Welcome to our latest web site. We hope you will enjoy it, find it useful and easy to navigate and helpful to find the components and equipment you need. We have combined over 50 years of experience in the Rod components business to bring you the very best components and blanks from around the world.

We are backed by some of the worlds leading brands including: FUJI, AFTCO, ALPS, REC, SAGE, SEYMO, STRUBLE, U40, WAYLAND to name a few. You will find components suitable for all types of fishing rods & repairs such as Fly & Game fishing, Coarse/Match fishing, Spinning, Boat fishing, Beach fishing, Carp fishing.

Whether you need 1 guide for a repair or the whole kit for a professional venture we will do our best to help from an ever expanding stock range or simply with good advice. If you need an item we don't stock please ask.