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Guide Replacement Enquiry Form

How to use this form

To help us find the guide you require replacing please fill in this form as best you can. If you cannot identify your guide from the form please provide as much information as possible in the notes section. You can also upload up to four images to help with identification.

What we need to help you

We need the diameter (outside of the ceramic centre) measurement and the height of the guide. (See diagram the below)

Find a Guide

Make sure you provide the correct measurements - see guide below for help.
Add another Uploading images helps us quikcly identify the part you are looking for.

How do I measure a rod guide?

The Height is measured from the base to the top "H"

The Diameter is the size of the outside of the ceramic (not the frame) "D".

rod guide

On Tip Guides the Tube Bore "TB" is the internal diameter of the tube. This should be just a fraction bigger than the outside diameter of the rod blank to allow for some glue.

rod tip guide