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Patterns in red indicate guide sizing and line flow

K-R Concept

Choke guide

Choke guide with adequate height can choke the line smoothly without line-slapping from the height of the level winder to that of Belly section, even if the line is heavily curled

Small Belly guides

Small single foot guide works against "guide pulled out of the wrap" and distortion.

Small Tip guides

Light weight can be achieved as all is small guides.

Suitable Tip-top

For bait casting FC top and MN top are recommended. FC top is "Reverse bridge" type and the feature works against the load and line tangle from above. MN top is "Front bridge" type; but it also works as well as FC top. Sloped bridge works against the line tangling from above and the guide is firmly fixed with wrapping thread.


K-R concept might be applied to Boat rod too as long as its Butt guide is high enough to keep distance between line and fore-grip when the rod is bent.