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100% Silicon Carbide

Beware of outdated guide ring technology!

Beware of outdated guide ring. Which Can damages the line or whiCh can be damaged by the line Wire, agate, glass, tungsten, carbide, hard chrome and pottery. Then, from early ceramics to fine ceramics with hardness and higher heat conductivity... We have kept seeking the perfect material to make people enjoy the game with fish in front of them...

It is anglers boundless passion for fishing Which has been developed the ring material during a long history of rod guides. Fuji SiC has almost all desired characteristics and could be the perfect material today. Fuji SiC, it protects the line connecting you to fish, keeps developing.


SiC has the overwhelming heat conductivity which is 4.6 VT. i times as high as the hard ring. The high heat happens in an instant at the point of contact between line and ring when the line is pulled strongly and rapidly and you retrieve a big fish. If the ring were SiC, it would take heat away in a second and keep your valuable line in safe.


The hardness of SiC is after the one of diamond Actually it is twelve times as hard as stainless. The line to which invisible sand and salt adhered is the same as the long file. Consequently, SiC, which is difficult to be shaved and lost, is especially necessary for super braided line.


The SiC ring is diamond-polished. Since the hard and durable SiC is polished drastically and smoothly by special procedure, the surface is very smooth even though you check it by microscope. The 20 times or more of the line endurance was recorded by outstanding low abrasion resistance when testing the line-slide experiment to compare it with the hard ring (Fuji experiment). The line damage remarkably decreased and the color does not change or rust, neither.


The SiC ring is one third lighter thasn the stainless. This is the key to make the rod performance such as feeling or balance improved a lot by mulitiplier effect with super light titanium frame.


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